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What Happened to the Master Plan?

Life is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans”

—John Lennon

Hello, my beautiful friends! However you are handling these uncertain times, I think it's fair to say our worlds have been collectively turned upside down AND brought outside in. I have many thoughts, and a rollercoaster of feelings, about what we are experiencing with Covid-19 and social distancing (which we are feeling acutely here in NY where I live) but it seems best explained by a recent event. The other day I was deleting files off an old laptop so my kids could use it for home-schooling when I noticed a Word doc titled "Master Plan 2020." Now, this gave me pause—and made me laugh out loud: 1. Because the title sounded so weird & slightly diabolical. Clearly I was in the throes of overzealous January goal-setting—or perhaps I was planning some sort major world takeover? and 2. It's become abundantly clear that if there really is a "Master Plan," it is currently NOT being written by little old me. I didn’t open the "Master Plan 2020" doc to see what I had written, not because it doesn’t matter—I'm sure my heart was well-intentioned—but because it sure does seem to matter a whole lot less right now. I think we’re all learning that “Master Plans” can go so quickly awry, and maybe after all this is over we’ll rewrite our "plans"—or maybe scrap it all entirely? Today my "Master Plan" includes seeing what's blooming outside, riding my pink bike, figuring out what's for lunch, maybe bathing a kid since I know it’s been a while, probably playing a100th round of Mexican bingo, and teasing my oldest daughter about her enormous tooth gap.

And in between all that, I’ll hold my youngest daughters growing-too-big, little foot in my palm trying to record the moment, so when she is older and taller than me, I can remind her of a time when all the world was forced to slow down—and what a strange, scary and precious gift it was. That all feels pretty masterful to me. Wishing you all love, health, and comfort from the deepest part of my being. Together, we got this. Xo Robyn

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