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Ready for a change but not sure how
to move forward? I got you!
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For nearly two decades, I found huge success in media: writing books, appearing on morning shows, getting nominated for an Emmy, and working as a digital and magazine editor.


But then I hit a wall.


My hustling gave way to healing and I turned to my own culture and past for guidance. My great-grandmother was a curandera: a Mexican folk healer, and a medicine woman. Inspired by her, I began studying curanderismo to heal myself.


And now I want to share what I've learned with you.

What I do.

As a two-time certified yoga teacher, trained Martha Beck life coach and practitioner of Curanderismo, I combine all to help you reclaim the shiniest parts of yourself by rooting down into the truth of who you really are. In that place of rootedness, we'll rediscover your true essence so you can reclaim your voice and rewrite your story. And from that sense of completion, we'll create a roadmap of how you can share your unique gifts with the world.

Ways we can work together


1-1 Intuitive Coaching

Via 1-1 coaching (in person or remotely) I can help you remember who you were before others told you who you should be so you can come back to center and shine out into the world.


Schedule a 60-minute session here.


Energetic cleanings

Traditionally called "limpias," I can help clear dense energies creating new pathways. This is especially good after a transition or change. (Available in person in Beacon NY or remotely)

Schedule a virtual 60-minute session here

Or an in-person appointment here

House Blessings

Cleansing and setting the intentions for your new space is a lovely and heartwarming tradition.

We will work together to create a ceremony that is personal, powerful, and sacred to you.

Contact me at for questions or to make an appointment.

Wellness Webinars & Retreat Leader

As a former corporate exec and current small business owner, I am hyper-aware of the importance of positive 

company culture, and sustainable and healthy work environments to keep motivation and productivity flowing. I work with companies, small and large, to re-inspire teams and re-define missions so work isn't just something you "do," but something you love. Contact me at for questions or to make an appointment.

Sample workshops include: "Root Down: How to center yourself in uncertain times,"  Limpia & Meditation Workshops, and "Write to Reclaim" creativity workshop.

* I can customize an inspiring and motivating experience for you based on your needs. 

"My life has dramatically changed since working with Robyn. In terms of circumstances, many of the goals I had for my career have already begun to take shape. What's more important, Robyn has made me feel empowered in every moment. From my doubt, anxiety, and pain, she has helped me move through, instead of overcome. This is an invaluable lesson. I've worked with many therapists who lacked the ability to meet me where I am, who have expressed frustration with my slow healing, who have had limited capabilities when it comes to holding space. Robyn is uniquely gifted in this capacity and I trust her with my whole heart."—Client, Sarah K.

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