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Thanks Pop Sugar for naming me a Latinx Wellness Influencer to follow!

Pop Sugar included me in a round up of Latina Wellness Influencers to follow in 2021 to attract "buenas vibras!"

Check out entire story, here !

On me, they wrote:

What You'll Find: If you're looking to get grounded and recharge yourself for the year ahead, look no further than Robyn's free-spirited account. Join the Mexican-American curandera's (healer) quarterly workshops as she teaches Curanderismo, an ancient Mesoamerican earth-based healing tradition. From cooking traditional dishes that honor your descendants to revisiting your childhood with journal prompts, Robyn's healing spirit guides one back home. In her six-week course, you'll call in ancestors and remove sustos and old ways of thinking that prevent you from seeing your own power and joy.

Be sure to listen to Get Rooted With Robyn Moreno podcast to stay inspired all year.

Spiritual Wellness Motto: "What I've learned more than anything this past year is the power and necessity of community. Let's harness our collective energy and inspiration to dream, heal, rise and make some beautiful magic together in 2021," said Moreno.

Where to Follow Her: @robynnmoreno

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