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Sunflower Practice

Updated: Mar 12

Connect with Sunflower Energy

(excerpted from Get Rooted, Ch. 7)


I’ve always connected with sunflowers, which are native to present-day New Mexico and Arizona. I enjoy sunflower bouquets, and every summer my kids and I grow sunflowers. We give our sprouts fun names like Bud, Buddy, Sprout, Willie, and Millie so we can encourage them as they grow.

I was happily surprised when I learned from my friend ,and curanderx, Atava that sunflower energy helps to boost self-esteem for those needing to firm up their confidence. They remind us that like radiant sunflowers, we too can stand tall and proud, shine brightly, and take up healthy and joyous space.

You can call in the joyous and spacious sunflower energy by

·      planting sunflowers,

·      making a sunflower flower essence,

·      placing sunflowers on your altar and in your home.


In the morning or when you pass buy them, inhale their sturdy energy and feel yourself stand stronger as you raise your face to the sun and shine like we are all meant to.

A small meditation practice I like to do is sit a sunny spot in my house, feeling the warmth on my face, and with an inhale I lengthen my spine like a sunflower standing tall in a summer field, and with every exhale I expand my heart to feel all the sunflowers around me. With another inhale you can imagine your roots being infused by the nourishment of all the sunflowers around you growing you tall and expansive, and with your next exhale tilt your face up feeling the sun shine on you. You can continue with a few more cycles of breath, until you feel strong, nourished, and warmed by the sun and your sunflower friends.



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