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Remember the miracle

Once, when I was in a Mexico years ago, I bought a little girl's embroidered sundress and hung it in my closet. I was single and well into my thirties at the time, but I still prayed with all my heart that one day I would have children. The dress became a token of my hope. Eventually, or fatefully, I did meet my husband. Imagine my awe, when I placed that tiny, crinkled cotton dress on not one, but TWO of my daughters. It felt like a miracle. I'm sure you have had your own miracles; prayers that have been answered. You got the killer job. You live in a place that was once on your vision board. We are all to some degree living the life we once dreamed of.  But the challenge of getting what we want is that we are quick to move on to the next shiny thing. We forget the miracle. We take our once dreamed-for jobs, relationships, and situations for granted. We focus on what we don't have, instead of on the miracles we DO have—that we worked and prayed so hard to get.  Like most of you, I was devastated by the Kobe Bryant tragedy. And like many of you, I held my loved ones really close that night. Tragedies make things real clear. They remind us of what's truly important.  So, I've been trying to remember my miracles. I'm lingering with my kids. I set up a date night with my husband. I'm decorating my house. I splurged on a new yoga outfit and am FEELING myself—and my strong body I have been neglecting this looong Northeast winter. I'm trying to stay in gratitude, because like Colette once cautioned, "What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner." With big love, Xo Robyn PS- H/T to Joel Osteen for the inspo..

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