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Come retreat with me in Costa Rica, Jan 2-7, 2024!!

Howdy friends!

I don't know if I 100% believe in manifesting, but I was thinking to myself one day how cool it would be to go to Costa Rica (a place I've never been!) when I got an email from my friends (collectively known as 'The Sarah's') from "The Art of Self Worth" asking me to be a guest teacher at their retreat in Costa Rica! What the what!

Of course, I said "Heck yes!" and then I said another "Damn straight!" when I heard the imitiable storyteller Jamia Wilson was also signed up! Then when I saw retreat details: Organic, plant-based meals! Trips to waterfall, jungle, and ocean! And the luxe accommodations! I honestly felt like my ancestors were in on this!

And I hope you will be, too!

Called "A Journey to the Heart: A Self-Love Retreat," this relaxing, communal, and ritual-filled retreat is something we ALL need right now!!

This is what the Sarah's say about the retreat:

"Join us in beautiful Costa Rica to start 2024 off on a strong and restorative note with community and an opportunity to develop skills to have a more loving, kind relationship with yourself and others.

Experience the symbiotic relationship between self-love and community on this six-day Costa-Rican adventure.

During our time together, we’ll experience how self-love ignites healing in community allowing you to develop true compassion towards yourself and others. This is a sacred experience that allows you to tap into your intuition and reconnect with your heart.

We often think of self-love as something we do alone, but the irony of self-love is that it flourishes amongst community.

That’s why we created this retreat: to learn and grow from each other."

Am amazing, way to start 2024, I know!! Check out full retreat details here!

And if interested, use the code ROBYN200, to get $200 off! Whoo hoo! They are also giving away one FREE scholarship to the retreat, so you can nominate someone—or yourself here!

I hope you will join in magical Costa Rica!! Hit me up for details at

Much love!! Ometeotl!

xo Robyn

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