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Ready to thrive in uncertainty?

These are challenging times. And the need to root down and come back to your true center is stronger than ever. Let's do it together!

I’m so excited to announce I’m re-launching my popular online course: Root to Rise on October 7, 2020!

I created the course out of necessity. After leaving a high-powered media job, I found myself at a crossroads. I could continue on the path of over-work and overwhelm, Or I could slow down, take a pause, and look hard at the roots, the sustos that were causing me to run instead of revel in my beautiful life.

I began studying Curanderismo, an ancient medicine tradition, practiced by my great-grandmother and slowly I began letting go of old hurts and stories so I could root down into the truth of who I truly am. 🌟🌟

It was a transforming process, and a medicine the world needs now more than ever.

In this 6-week course, we will reclaim our hope, and dare to dream again. We will call in our ancestors, and remove sustos and old ways of thinking that prevent us from seeing our own power & joy. We will work to re-inspire our creativity and to rediscover our gifts, so we can take them out into the world in a way that is real and healthy for you.

And we do this together.

Our circle will be small & safe and I have payment options and scholarships for BIWOC, so it is accessible to all.

I will be right there with you on this journey, so it is a unique, and worthy experience.

Contact me with questions or comments, and more details can be found here!

The world is calling us to heal, lead, and grow. Are you ready? Let's do this!

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