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Root to Rise with
Robyn Moreno

Next Session: Fall 2022 

The six-week path to healing your past, reclaiming your future,
and remembering the truth of who you really are.

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Do you remember who you were before others told you who you should be? Do you have a feeling that “something is missing” no matter what you? Then it’s time to root down and rise.


In this transformational six-week course, we’ll use practices from Curanderismo (an ancient Mexican folk healing tradition) to journey back to the root by tapping into the strength of our ancestors—and remembering our own true (and un-traumatized) essence. In that place of rootedness, we’ll remember our own strengths, recover our own voice, unearth our unique gifts, and re-write our own story. Feeling whole, fortified, and grounded, we leave with a new roadmap of how we can share our unique and inherent talents and experiences with the world.


If you are being called to heal, lead, and grow, join us as we root down, then rise together.

What I do.

I am a former media maven turned modern curandera. 


For nearly two decades, I found huge success in media: writing books, appearing countless times on the Today Show, getting nominated for an Emmy hosting my own TV show, and serving as Co-President of Latina Media Ventures.


But then I hit a wall.


And my hustling gave way to healing.


Not finding anything out there in the leadership and self-help world that spoke to what I was feeling: burnt out, overwhelmed, and with an aching sense of incompletion, I turned to my own culture and past for guidance. My great-grandmother was a curandera: a Mexican folk healer, and a medicine woman. Inspired by her, I began studying curanderismo to heal myself.


And now I want to share what I've learned with you.

What you’ll learn

Week one: Reclaim your hope: Dare to Dream

Week two: Remember your ancestors: Call in your guides

Week three: Integration Week: Let it all settle in

Week Four: Remove your blocks: Retrieve your soul

Week Five: Re-inspire your creativity: Rediscover your gifts. What’s in your medicine bag?

Week Six: Reclaim your circle: Let’s make a map forward together

In this six-week course you’ll receive:

  • Six live group calls every Wednesday from 12 - 1pm EST (calls will be recorded in case you miss)

  • Weekly PDF lessons, which I’ll go over on call

  • Weekly meditations delivered to your inbox

  • Weekly videos where I’ll share a specific tool or concept

  • A private group where we can share our experiences of the course and learn from each other

Sliding Scale & Scholarship information:

Because of the pandemic, we are offering sliding scale payments. The full price of the course is $997. We are also offering two other price tiers if that better suits your needs. We are also offering payment plans for each tier to make it even more feasible, so use your best judgment while keeping us in mind as small business owners. 


In addition, we are offering 1 full scholarship and 1 partial (50% off) scholarship to BIWOC. To apply, please email a short essay on who you are and why you feel ready to Root and Rise to 

What happens on a live call:

I’ll go over the lesson and teachings of the week and will lead you through a guided meditation and ceremony to root us into our practice. We’ll use the power of the circle to share, learn, and begin to speak our truth



“I recommend Robyn's services to anyone, but particularly to those who are ready to feel free. Free from pain, free from doubt, free from the limitations that they may have experienced because of generations of systemic oppression or familial trauma. What Robyn has taught me is that this freedom does not mean living "without". It means gracefully and peacefully living with. And for that lesson, I will always be grateful. Robyn has opened doors for me that I foresee opening a million more doors throughout my lifetime. I believe in myself more as a writer, mother, and mujer. She possesses magic and she's not afraid to share it with you. If you're ready to find your roots and rise, work with Robyn.”—Sara Alvarez Kleinsmith

Tier one:


Payable in full, or in 4 payments

Tier two:


Payable in full, or in 3 payments

Make your first payment today.

Tier three:


Payable in full, or in 2 payments

Make your first payment today.

Make your first payment


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