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Register for my Get Rooted retreat Aug. 25-27, 2023 at the Omega Institute!

I'm so excited to be back at the Omega Institute for my end of summer Get Rooted retreat Aug. 25-27! You can read about it and register here!

The Mexica (Aztecs) called the world "slippery slick." They believed the world was an unstable place and we have all felt this unsteadiness these last few years.

So how do we anchor ourselves? How do we find our footing and regain our peace, purpose, and joy? We do it by rooting.

Rooting back into nature, rooting back into our ancestry, and rooting back into the truth of who we really are before the world told us who we should be. Under the guidance of curanderismo practitioner Robyn Moreno, we explore the Mexica (Aztec) paths to rootedness, specific ways and practices for finding our way home again. During this highly experiential and heart-opening weekend, we root in the support of our sisterhood through movement (hiking and dance), meditation, sharing circles, inspired journaling, connecting to nature, and sacred ritual. This workshop is designed for those who identify as women and are being called to heal, lead, and grow.

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