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Check out my new podcast with Paola Ramos

What does it mean to Latinx?


Latinx is a relatively new, and inclusive, term to describe Latinos.


But as the recent election showed, Latinos or Latinxs are not a monolith, so who are we?


On my latest episode of @getrootedwithrobynmoreno we sat down with journalist and activist Paola Ramos who set out to answer these questions in her new book #FindingLatinx


To help search for Latinx identity, and rediscover her own, Paola set off on a journey across the country speaking to indigenous immigrants on the Texas border, farm workers in California’s Central Valley, trans activists in Arizona, Afro-Latinos in Miami, and many other Latinxs groups who often feel left out or overlooked.


Through Paola’s new book, and in our conversation, we came to realize that knowing our roots, and claiming our identity, is one of the most healing things we can do.


Our conversation is beautiful, eye-opening and powerful—listen in now here:

And subscribe on @spotify@itunes and everywhere podcasts are played!!

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